Dedworth Medical Centre


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Dedworth Medical Centre

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300 Dedworth Road

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Phone  :

01753 864545

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01753 620272

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Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust
162 City Road London Greater London (UK)
Phone : 020 7253 3411
Email : Not Available
Website URL : Available


Dedworth Is an area of Windsor Berkshire in England Whilst in the shadows of its internationally famous neighbour Windsor and its Castle Dedworths history actually predates the castle and the present day Windsor and has its own entry in the Domesday Book commissioned by King William I of England the conqueror

The aim of this site is to provide a focal point on the World Wide Web Dedworthians to find information about their community in Dedworth exchange information about Dedworth and have a sense of identification and belonging to their local community Dedworth
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