Central Milton Keynes Medical Centre


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Central Milton Keynes Medical Centre

Address  :

68 Bradwell Common Boulevard
Bradwell Common

Town  :

Milton Keynes

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Post Code:

MK13 8RN

Phone  :

01908 605775

Fax  :

01908 295653

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We are a busy urban practice consisting of nine GPs 2 Registrars a Nurse Practitioner and four practice nurses with a district nursing health visitor and midwife service all of whom work for the benefit of the patients

We believe that we provide a choice of personal care with a wide range of medical interests In line with modern practices we use a comprehensive computer service which is now a key tool in patient care record keeping prescribing and preventative medicine

We are a training practice which involves fully qualified doctors registrarsworking with us to become General Practitioners We will also have medical student working alongside from time to time You may be asked permission for these professionals to be present during your consultation You do of course have the right to refuse
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