Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre


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Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre

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2-4 Pond Head Lane
Wokingham Road

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0118 9668601

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The Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre is a private clinic in Reading Berkshire providing specialist treatment for sports injuries back and neck pain post op rehabilitation womens health and neurological conditions

Our team of therapists includes physiotherapists a sports therapy consultant massage therapists a chiropodist a nutritionist and beauty therapists We also have a team of physiotherapy assistants who ensure you are welcomed and made comfortable throughout your treatment sessions

Pain stiffness and discomfort may be some of the symptoms you are experiencing when you visit us and your therapist will ask you a series of questions related to your problems work and activities to help diagnose your current problem A detailed physical examination will follow Your therapist will explain the diagnosis and discuss with you your personal treatment plan Treatment will start immediately and your first visit will take approximately one hour and subsequent visits 45 minutes

A full range of treatments is available including manipulation mobilisation massage electrical treatment such as ultrasound and laser and usually a course of exercises

Treatment is designed to reduce pain and swelling increase mobility and is always accompanied with advice to prevent problems occurring again Exercise therapy will often form part of the treatment plan and patients are encouraged to use our purpose built gym when treatment has finished

To enquire about any of the therapies found on this website please contact the Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre on 0118 9668601
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