Ascot Medical Centre


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Ascot Medical Centre

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Heatherwood Hospital
London Road

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01344 877772

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01344 877773

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Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust
162 City Road London Greater London (UK)
Phone : 020 7253 3411
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About Us
The Ascot Clinic is a unique integrated medical centre combining our registered
GP practice Ascot Medical Centre private medical work and an evolving
complementary health clinic Ascot Holistic Medical Centre

Our aim in bringing a range of medical and complementary services together under one roof is to reflect our ethos and broader understanding of the concept of true health and the healing process and encourage a more integrated and patientcentred approach to healthcare

This new direction has been fuelled by demand from patients for an approach that has a more sustainable effect on patients health and wellbeing with roots in family medicine and an emphasis on personal care and continuity

Integrated healthcare in general practice goes beyond simply combining different modalities of care

It is about promoting a culture of health and wellbeing with increased personal responsibility where practitioners and healthcare professionals share their learning and knowledge in order to deliver and promote the alternatives that are in the best interest of the patient

Here at The Ascot Clinic we encourage and cultivate an environment of improved wellbeing vitality and radiance based on embracing life and striving to achieve true health We want to inspire you not only to maintain your health but also to take the leastintrusive route to recovery if you do fall ill

By providing our patients and clients with information knowledge motivation and choice we encourage you to make wellinformed decisions regarding your own health and to choose the path that is most comfortable for you as an individual

This means that you take greater responsibility for your own health selecting the method means and combination of healthcare provision from orthodox medicine to osteopathy flu jabs to flower essences that suits your personal philosophy ethos and medical needs What we are offering is informed choice

In the near future we will be moving to new premises in order to expand and develop the range of services we offer and focus on creating a relaxed and friendly environment

Our aim is to provide an oasis of calm within the busy and stressful world in which we live a healing haven where you can find space for yourself to be yourself whatever your healthcare needs
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