Royal Brompton Hospital one of best for lung cancer screening

According to Cancer Research UK lung cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the UK and is the third most common cancer among women but doctors at a leading hospital say they are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

Our doctors nurses and other healthcare staff are leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease including lung cancer said David Shrimpton managing director for private patients at Royal Brompton Hospital Disease prevention is also a primary objective

Shrimpton explained that symptoms of lung cancer include a persistent cough a chest infection that does not get better a dull ache in the chest sharp pain when breathing in deeply hoarse voice shortness of breath and coughing up blood even in small amounts

Lung cancer accounts for around 14 percent of all new cases of cancer in males and 11 percent of all new cases of cancer in females in the UK

Our Lung Cancer Risk Assessment service is led by some of the UKs leading specialists in respiratory medicine Shrimpton stressed If you are a heavy smoker or your family has a history of lung cancer then our assessment at 250 is not much to pay for either peace of mind or an early diagnosis that may save your life

The hospitals specialist include its medical director Professor Timothy Evans Dr Robert Wilson the hospitals director of respiratory medicine Professor Michael Polkey specialist in respiratory medicine and consultant physician and Dr Pallav Shah consultant physician and lead clinician for lung cancer services at Royal Brompton Hospital

The Cancer Research UK study shows that theres a higher percentage of those suffering from lung condition in the northern part of England and lower in the East South East and Southwest reflecting the regional variation in smoking prevalence in England

However regardless of where those suffering with lung cancer are located Shrimpton said Royal Brompton Hospital is one of the best in the world when it comes to treatment

The knowledge and expertise of these specialists and their teams are now available to anyone with concerns about the risk of lung cancer Shrimpton said before adding Our experts can also maximize the chances of those wanting to give up smoking Smoking is the overwhelming number one cause of lung cancer

Date : 03 May, 2012
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