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Lukas Klinik

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41 0 61 706 7171

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41 0 61 706 7173

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It may be that you have only recently had to face the fact that you have a tumour and are now looking for what may be the right way for you and for further treatment that you find truly acceptable You may not be comfortable with having been told that after the operation to remove your tumour you can go on as before and there is no need to do anything further Maybe you are looking for a comprehensive treatment where the advances in modern medicine are given their due but one does not stop there but extends them further where appropriate Whichever this may be you are looking for a place where people will help you people who understand you in your illness We would like to offer you such a place We try and consider your real individual situation and work with you to develop the treatment and care you need

South of Basel lies Arlesheim a small place that largely retains its rural character This is where the Lukas Clinic is a clinic specializing in tumour diseases A wide range of treatment is available including those of conventional medicine so that the term quotcomplementary medicinequot does not entirely apply The aim is to give special consideration not only to the physical situation of the sick individual but also to his or her soul and spirit The work bases on the insights gained in anthroposophically extended medicine which was developed by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman Thus the tumour that is demonstrable cell changes is regarded as a symptom of a disease affecting the whole human being It means that in our view all treatments aiming to destroy the tumour directlyand they may be very appropriate in the given caserequire something in addition The Lukas Clinic established in 1963 currently has 46 beds It is part of the Society for Cancer Research as is the Hiscia Institute where Iscador has been manufactured for decades and intensive research is in progress to develop misteltoe treatment further The relationship between the institutions makes it possible to bring research findings into clinical use by a quotshort routequot
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Early antibiotics for blood poisoning could save thousands of lives doctor says

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