Antara Association Inc


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Antara Association Inc

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PO Box 83 202

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64 9 534 1901

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The Antara Association is a charity organisation set up to run practical community care projects the emphasis being to show people how to take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of both themselves and others

The Antara Associations Members and Friends come from a variety of professions and backgrounds with a common interest and a commitment to developing sustainable projects in areas where peoples needs are not already being met To show through example how to live a healthy and full life by helping others

All Antara services are offered free We do not charge a fee All who work with Antara give their time voluntarily therefore all income is used directly to further the aims of projects and none is quotlostquot on administration and wage costs

In order to enhance the financial security of Antara projects the associations rules specifically exclude the borrowing of funds and renting of properties

Land and buildings must be purchased freehold This means that the rate of development is dependent on the rate of fund raising and the amount of volunteer labour available However it also ensures continuance and that long term operation is guaranteed

The Antara Association Inc was incorporated in 1988 and gained legal charity status from the Inland Revenue Department in February 1989
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