New Zealand Hospitals Face Staff Shortage
New Zealand Hospitals Face Staff Shortage

A Nurses Organization survey was carried out in New Zealand which has revealed that there is a need of nearly 120 nurses at the hospital wards It is being claimed by working nurses that the nursepatient ratio affects their capability of undertaking the job

As per the findings the ratio causes them to provide only basic care to patients which in turn put patients at risks when they are in need of advanced care

However the district health board denies the same and claims that the staff has been increased since last year Also they have been taking patient safety and staff welfare in top priorities

But a senior nurse expressed that the problem needs to be addressed now i e before a death occurs She has told that there are only two nurses for two shifts and it always becomes a problem to look after each patient properly

It is even being said that nurses need to bring their own belongings so as to help the board to cut 9 million from the budget by the end of the financial year

Date : 05 Jun, 2012
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