Balya Hospital For Children


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Balya Hospital For Children

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29-19-77, Dornakal Road,
Vijayawada HO,
D K Road Arundelpet

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Andhra Pradesh

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91 866 2434669, +91-866-2431509

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  • Paediatrics

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  • Single Speciality : Pediatrics
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The physician and staff of Balya Hospital for Children would like to congratulate you on the arrival of your new baby Very few things in life can compare to the joy and excitement of seeing and holding your child for the first time

Along with this joy comes a great responsibility as parents Unfortunately in most instances one enters into parenthood untrained for the responsibilities which are ahead Understanding and developing proper nutritional habits are just a few areas where you may feel unsure Do not get discouraged by feeling of uncertainty they are perfectly natural We at Balya Hospital for Children feel it to be our responsibility to share in your experiences and to help your child grow and develop Through this web page we hope to provide you with beneficial information to achieve our common goal the good health happiness and wellbeing of your child


Our hospital is open for patient visits Monday through Saturday from 1000 am to 200 pm 600 pm to 900 pm Sunday visits are only for acutesick patients The hospital is open for emergencies round the clock

Our phone answers on a 24 hour base Please fix up an appointment to avoid prolonged waiting Since the doctor is busy with his patients he will be unavailable to answer you on telephone Please remember if you are waiting for too long it is only because we are caring someone like you Please bring all the medical records of you child when you visit the hospital
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