US medical association to tie up with 4 Mumbai hospitals

MUMBAI The peculiar nature of heart diseases among Indians is finally getting international attention

The American College of Cardiology ACC a medical association whose guidelines for treating heart diseases are followed across the globe will tie up with 10 Indian hospitals including four from the city to study the patterns of heart ailments here The aim was to draw up Indianspecific treatment rules said ACC officials

The four city hospitals are KEM Hospital Bombay Hospital Asian Heart Institute and Hiranandani Hospital Details of patients visiting OPDs of these hospitals will be taken

At present most treatment guidelines are based on studies conducted on AngloSaxon patients says ACCs Brendan Mullen As cardiac disease among Indians is different from that among the Anglo Saxons the same rules cannot be blindly applied The dosages prescribed for Americans cannot be given to Indians who are slightly built in comparison said Asian Heart Institutes Dr Ramakanta Panda

Dr Prafulla Kerkar who heads KEM Hospitals cardiology department said Indian doctors have a wide experience in treating heart diseases but

India doesnt have standardized guidelines like in the US or Europe Everything is anecdotal There was no guideline on if a patient should be put through expensive procedures or given medicines he added

Said Dr Ganesh Kumar of Hiranandani Hospital If you study 100 prescriptions each will be different Every patient who has suffered a heart attack should be put on a special class of drugs called betablockers But this doesnt happen in India he added

It is here that the ACC registry can help As Mullen puts it most heart diseases can be treated with medicines We must work out the right treatment for the right patient at the right time he said Dr Panda said The burden of heart disease is so high that it will cost India five times its GDP for every patients bypass or angioplasty The right combination drug for Indians must be worked out

Date : 04 Apr, 2012
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