Promising new heart attack treatment on trial

Doctors at the Northern Hospital in Epping say a new liquidbased treatment for sufferers of heart attacks could substantially improve patient recovery
They injected a dissolvable liquid device into a patient last week in the first procedure of its kind in Australia
The device flows to the damaged heart muscle and helps it repair
The director of cardiology Professor Bill van Gaal says the patient is recovering well but it will not be clear for sometime if the device is responsible
quotIt wont be until the clinical trial has finished whether we know whether people who receive the device do better or not but certainly the early work looks very encouragingquot he said
He says the new treatment is being triaged around the world to combat the quotepidemicquot of heart failure
quotThe number one cause of heart failure is heart attack so the number of patients who could benefit from this treatment is very largequot he said
quotThis would really revolutionise the treatment of heart failure should it prove successfulquot

Date : 27 Apr, 2012
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