The Oppressed Women

Low literacy of women in the world
Over 110 million of the worlds children two thirds of them girls are not in school Of the worlds 875 million illiterate adults two thirds are women Two thirds of the worlds children who receive less than four years of education are girls Worldwide more than half the population of women over age 15 years cannot read or write Girls represent nearly 60 of the children not in school
Women status and employment
90 of the rural female labour force are called housewives and excluded from the formal definition of economic activity Women work on average and across the world more hours than men each week sometimes as much as 35 hours or more but their work is often unpaid and unaccounted for Where women do the same work as men they are paid 30 to 40 per cent less than men There is no country in the world where womens wages are equal to those of men In the UK Italy Germany and France women are paid 75 of mens wages whereas in Vietnam Sri Lanka Tanzania and Australia women earn 90 of mens wages Women produce nearly 80 of the food on the planet but receive less than 10 of agricultural assistance In many parts of the world work is segregated by sex Women tend to be in clerical sales and domestic services and men in manufacturing and transport Women occupy only 2 of senior management positions in business Womens participation in managerial and administrative posts is around 33 in the developed world 15 in Africa and 13 in Asia and the Pacific
In spite of rapid strides having been made the world over for liberation of women women continue to be oppressed However the women of today are not the same as they were decades ago All sorts of avenues have been thrown open for women Women are today everywhere occupying high positions in society politics judiciary police armed forces factories teaching research etc
Yet it is also obvious that women are still far from equal For the majority of women the right to choose the way of life they wish to lead is as limited as it has always been Rather than being liberated women are still tied by virtue of their poor wage earning abilities to the home and family The average hourly earnings of women are still 68 of those of men Men more per hour than women do
Some of the positions women occupy today are as follows
Clerical worker
Nursing aide
Sales worker
Factory worker
Child care
We have very few judges among women on boards of banks or key positions of the Government
In the past women were oppressed because women kept themselves down Therefore the status quo stayed Today the situation has totally changed Today women think positively and assert their rights and responsibilities
For centuries men and women have been struggling for womens liberation
In the past a womans place was in the home They did not earn any money They were dependent on the income earned by their husbands Women are never paid for rearing a family It is considered as an occupation to be a house wife
The family is a big trap for women today as it was in the past
The scenario has totally changed today It is believed that more women at top will make a real difference Attitudes have changed considerably over the past few decades Providing equal opportunities to women is today an issue The mass media and newspapers have considered championed the cause of women

Date : 26 Dec, 2007
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