Take the Sting Out of Shots

ARA Kids hate needles Many adults do too In fact millions of people get extremely anxious when they have to receive a shot because they are afraid it will hurt This fear of getting a shot is a major concern since children need a lot of them

They need vaccinations or quotshotsquot to be protect them from dangerous diseases including measles mumps and polio Then there are the required backtoschool shots and routine flu shots

Immunization is one of the most effective ways of preventing disease and vaccine preventable illnesses are at or near alltimelow levels Prior to widespread immunization in the United States infectious diseases killed or disabled thousands of children each year The measles epidemic of 198991 affected more than 55000 people 11000 were hospitalized and more than 120 died

Childhood diseases that could be prevented are still with usapproximately 35 million cases of varicella chicken pox occur each year You can protect your child by taking him or her to a doctor or public health clinic for immunizations The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends vaccinations through the first 18 years of life

Now thanks to Gebauers Ethyl Chloride immunization shots dont have to be a painful experience PainEase is a skin refrigerant used to control pain associated with preinjectionanesthesia minor surgical procedures starting intravenous IV lines vaccinations and injections

Just before giving the injection the doctor or nurse will spray Ethyl Chloride directly on your childs skin cooling and numbing the area then swab the target area with antiseptic and quickly perform the desired activity This eases the anxiety for both parent and child there will be no bad memories of painful shots or anxiety over the next doctors visit The anesthetic wears off in about two minutes with virtually no side effects

No matter what you or your childs pain tolerance all can be more comfortable having the affected area sprayed with a topical skin refrigerant Simply consult your physician to learn more about stingless injections and painfree minor procedures For more information about making shots less scary contact Gebauer customer service representatives at 800 3219348 or visit wwwgebauercocom

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