Losing Weight Slowly and Steadily

At one time or another half the women and a quarter of the men in this country have tried to lose weight The ones destined to try again and again are most likely those looking for shortcuts There are none The only way to step off the diet treadmill is to find a weightloss program that helps you lose weight slowly and steadily one that trains you to adopt a lowfat eating plan so simple it becomes a way of life With that in mind here is an introductory guide to the last diet you may ever need


START STRONG People who eat a healthy breakfast generally feel less hungry throughout the day

CURB YOUR APPETITE Drink a glass of water or some tea just before a meal

STOP COUNTING CALORIES The best diet foods are complex carbohydrates Low in fat fastburning and rich in vitamins and minerals they are also high in bulk which means you can feel full on fewer calories Whole grain cereals rice breads pasta beans nuts fruits and vegetables

EAT WHAT YOU LIKE Nothing makes a diet more difficult than having to eat rice cakes when you cant stand them

SIT DOWN Train yourself to eat in one place preferably at a table Its too easy to overeat when meals are grabbed on the run or while standing in front of the refrigerator

SLOW DOWN Eat slowly enough to give your body time to release the enzymes that tell your brain when youve had all you need

EXERCISE It burns calories and suppresses the appetite and its awfully hard to lose weight without doing it An easy way to get started is to strap on a pedometer and go for a walk then work on increasing your mileage from one week to the next

DONT GIVE UP Falling off your diet once or twice does not mean the effort is hopeless Simply acknowledge that your overate and get back on the plan

REWARD YOURSELF Treat yourself with a massage or a piece of gourmet chocolate or whatever for each week that you maintain your new weight


Here are some suggestions for safely making your way past betweenmeal hunger

Airpopped popcorn seasoned with herbs
Brothbased soup
Cereal lowsugar lowfat
Cocoa low sugar lowfat
English muffin
Fresh fruit
Frozen fruitjuice bars
Frozen yogurt
Graham cracker
Milkshake or lowfat milk and frozen fruit
Pita chips with salsa
Plain nonfat yogurt with fruit and cinnamon
Rye crisps or rice cakes thinly spread with peanut butter or lowfat cheese
Vegetables marinated in vinegar or dipped in lowfat yogurt seasoned with herbs

It is important that the dieter have the support and understanding of their family and friends It can be an enormous help to discuss your problems and obstacles along with sharing skills and tactics with others whose circumstances may be similar to yours Pick a quotbuddyquot to lean on during your trying times

Reference : www.e-nterests.com/healthhtml/losingweight.php

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