Jaslok Chief Saves Lives On Marine Drive

Routine early morning walk on Marine Drive took an unexpected turn on Sunday And his presence of mind helped save two of three seriously injured children The director general of Jaslok Hospital Peddar Road was taking his walk when he heard a loud thud He turned and found that a speeding motorcyclist had mowed down three children sleeping on the pavement He rushed to the bleeding children Ganesh Kale12Ravi Chauhan9and Kishan Pawar10and bundled them into the cab

Simultaneously he called Jaslok Hospital to make the necessary medical arrangements They were bleeding profusely so I knew I had to act fast recalls the retired colonel

By then however an angry mob had collected and they wanted Masand to wait till the police arrived and arrested motorcycle rider Jitendra Doshi

Masand pleaded with them to save the children first and all three by then unconscious were rushed to Jaslok with severe head injuries

Pawar succumbed on the way to the hospital and was declared dead on admission The hospital is treating the other two children free of cost

The Marine Drive police arrested Doshi the following day for rash and negligent driving He is currently out on bail

Date : 24 Dec, 2007
Reference : www.jaslokhospital.net

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